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You are killing your PS5 by utilizing it vertically, as a consequence of a design flaw by Sony, based on {hardware} consultants

TheCod3r’s message for Sony on their {hardware} design flaw is fairly clear

The PS5 is marketed as a tool you should use both horizontally or vertically. The console is so huge, discovering a spot for it may be a puzzle by itself, so fortunately not less than now we have the choice of utilizing it vertically or horizontally, based on Sony. However some {hardware} restore consultants say that utilizing the PS5 vertically is a assured recipe for catastrophe, one that might kill your console.

Which is healthier for the PS5? Vertical or Horizontal?

In accordance with Sony officers and most know-how web sites, you should use your PS5 both vertically or horizontally, the system has been designed for it. Tech web site Fossbytes places it this manner:

Finally, it doesn’t matter the way you select to place the PS5; whether or not you place it in a horizontal place or a vertical place, the console will work the way in which it’s imagined to. In accordance with Yasuhiro Ootori from Sony’s design division, it doesn’t matter the way you select to place the PS5; the stance, whether or not vertical or horizontal, gained’t have an effect on the cooling.

However 2 years within the console’s life, {hardware} consultants from console restore outlets are telling a distinct story:

In accordance with 68Logic, a PlayStation scene member who owns a {hardware} restore store in France since 2010, utilizing your PS5 vertically can harm it completely, and he’s seen the outcome first hand along with his purchasers’ consoles.

The issue, he says, is that the liquid steel used to chill the APU can generally spill, and develop into uneven, which impacts (not less than) the cooling. Ben Montana, proprietor of specialised restore store ILoveMyConsole in France, has additionally been making an attempt to convey consideration to this difficulty for months. He says these are usually not remoted instances. In accordance with him, the danger is excessive for PS5s which were standing vertically for a very long time, and he says all fashions are impacted. This consists of Digital version consoles, as proven within the image beneath (some folks theorize that the vibrations of the Blu Ray drive might make the difficulty extra extreme on Bodily Version PS5s)

In principle, liquid steel used to chill CPUs isn’t an issue. The cooling mechanism and the CPU are so tightly pressed that nothing ought to spill or “fall” (when the correct amount has been utilized) due to gravity alone, and for this reason there may be usually no concern with utilizing a motherboard vertically, even whenever you’re utilizing liquid steel.

Nevertheless it seems that a number of instances have proven that the PS5’s “seal” between the APU and its cooler can generally transfer or be broken. When that’s the case, in case your PS5 sits horizontally, the liquid steel will keep flat and maintain most of its thermal properties to assist cool the PS5. But when your PS5 is vertical and “one thing” unhealthy occurs to the seal, then there’s a threat the liquid steel will progressively fall down, turning into uneven, impacting its cooling capability and presumably attain parts it shouldn’t.

PS5 Cooling points, and extra. What occurs when the liquid steel strikes?

There are two impacts from that liquid steel falling out of your vertical PS5.

Firstly, cooling shall be impacted. The PS5 APU can most likely maintain a bit of warmth, however this might rapidly result in the next signs: Noisy PS5 (as a result of the followers must spin quicker and extra typically to compensate), extra power consumption, and presumably, the console overheating and shutting down. Finally, this may scale back the console’s lifespan.

Secondly, there have been a number of instances of the liquid steel spilling on different components of the motherboard, and really killing the machine, even in consoles which have merely been sitting of their field, unopened. Liquid Steel is very conductive, and if it touches the fallacious parts on the motherboard, it might result in a brief circuit.

A single drop outdoors the goal space can result in short-circuiting whenever you energy in your rig, or worse, failure of particular parts if you happen to don’t clear it. –

Youtuber and console repairer TheCod3r equates it to a design flaw by Sony. In a well-liked video from earlier this 12 months (beneath), he’s exhibiting a PS5 that has by no means been unpacked, however stood for months in a vertical place in its field. The console refuses besides, till he discovers, then fixes, the liquid steel spill from the APU (at round 12 minutes within the video).

He’s additionally saying this needs to be a crucial lesson for console restore of us on the market: the flaw isn’t broadly identified, and a whole lot of restore outlets are usually not even checking this a part of the console for issues.


There appear to be points with the seal between the APU and the cooling system of the PS5. For PS5s sitting vertically, this may result in the liquid steel spilling to different components of the motherboard, which in some instances means a dying sentence for the console.

Don’t get me fallacious, the overwhelming majority of individuals utilizing their PS5s vertically don’t have any drawback in any respect. However in case you have the selection between horizontal or vertical positions to your PS5, use horizontal.

Many restore outlets and {hardware} consultants hope that Sony will change that a part of the design in future {hardware} revisions of the console, however as of the time of this writing, all current fashions appear to be impacted.

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