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Improve Your ASUS ROG Z690 System’s VRM Cooling With EK-Quantum

Cool Off With The EK-Quantum Momentum² VRM Bridge

The ASUS ROG System collection of motherboards have shipped with built-in watercooling for some time now, which has been grow to be much more common when ASUS changed their authentic aluminium waterblock with a copper one offered by EK-Quantum.  Nonetheless, for some that’s simply not sufficient to maintain their VRMs at an appropriate temperature, which leads us to this overview by TechPowerUp.

The EK-Quantum Momentum² VRM Bridge is designed to exchange the cooler current on Z690 System boards, providing a extra distinctive form in addition to utilizing nickel and plexiglass to make it more practical, each aesthetically and thermally.  The waterblock isn’t rectangular, as is custom, however is formed to each match into the house accessible in addition to revealing extra of your motherboard.  TechPowerUp weren’t followers of the design, however your opinion could differ.

Try their fast overview right here.

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