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MSI Reveals Screwless M.2 Slot for AMD X670 Motherboards

MSI will debut (opens in new tab) its tackle screwless M.2 SSD fixings in upcoming 600-series motherboards for AMD’s Ryzen 7000 Zen 4. The system depends on the mix of an MSI Screwless M.2 Defend Frozr, plus EZ M.2 Clips. MSI’s patent-pending designs require no instruments or screws.

MSI first showcased the M.2 slot (opens in new tab) design again at Computex 2022. Twitter leaker chi11eddog (opens in new tab) shared a set of authentic-looking pictures, the place you possibly can see an outline slide with numerous claims by MSI about its Screwless M.2 Defend Frozr’s ease of use. As well as, a few illustrations present how you can use the set up system and the way the spring-loaded latch works.

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