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MSI B760M Mortar Max motherboard footage leaked

Renesas RC26008 exterior clock generator

Leaker @g01d3nm4ng0 has been showing off images of the yet-to-be-released MSI B760M Mortar Max motherboard that includes a Renesas RC26008 exterior clock generator for overclocking unlocked and locked Intel processors.

The motherboard runs a Core i5-12400, whic is a locked chip that tops out at 4.4 GHz, at 5 GHz with a base clock frequency of 125 MHz. Because of this MSI might be including BCLK overclocking capabilities to the B760 model of the Mortar Max.

MSI is likely one of the few motherboard producers nonetheless placing exterior clock turbines in Intel motherboards, particularly in lower-end boards just like the B collection. 

BCLK overclocking modifications the system’s base frequency to generate larger core clocks versus rising the CPU core multiplier. It allows you to bypass Intel’s synthetic overclocking locks, and overclock any Intel CPU. The exterior clock generator is required since Intel’s default clock generator constructed into the chips is locked on non-Ok CPUs.

If the leak is true, that is MSI’s second motherboard up to now that options this very same exterior clock generator, with the earlier mannequin being the B660M Mortar Max WiFi.

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