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Gigabyte Z790 AORUS TACHYON motherboard and Intel Core i9-13900K combo is touted as a brand new record-setter on Cinebench

Gigabyte’s new Z790 AORUS TACHYON motherboard is hyped as one designed for pro-grade “overclockers” due to an in-built, purpose-made “package” made up of the shortcut keys, toggle switches, and voltage detection features for management over the variations and tweaks as mandatory.

This design, together with that of the “full-coverage thermal” administration system and “direct” VRM is touted to get probably the most out of Intel’s newest CPUs – the Core i9-13900K included. Gigabyte has reported a brand new “overclocking world file” on Cinebench R23 utilizing this silicon on its new Z790 board.

The OEM posted this new rating of 56783 factors on October 25, 2022, because of working an “all-core OC 7584 MHz” variant of the Raptor Lake platform with DDR5-8300 RAM on the TACHYON board. The i9-13900K was certainly listed as hitting practically 7.6GHz through the check, though the RAM was detected as getting no quicker than 4.146GHz.

Gigabyte describes the HWBOT-verified rating as a “international 1st place” and an indication that Raptor Lake can certainly obtain optimum efficiency on all of its cores. Then once more, whereas the rating is certainly #1 for all 24-core processors, and likewise to start with 37 entries made with the i9-13900K on the time of writing, it ranks #33 total.

Nonetheless, it’s increased sufficient for Gigabyte to tout the brand new TACHYON, together with the remainder of its new “flagship and high-end” Z790 motherboard line, as a path to “Ascend the Throne of Overclocking” from their October 2022 launch.

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