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Entry stage M2 Mac mini, 2023 MacBook Professional have slower SSD than predecessors

“Because it seems, the 512GB M2 Mac mini additionally includes a single NAND chip, which means that it might nonetheless have slower learn/write speeds than a mannequin with two 256GB chips.”

Has this been confirmed?  Somebody commenting on Brandon’s Blackmagic Speedtest says “With my new  M2 Professional mac mini i simply introduced residence from Applestore I get double that pace with 512/16, almost 3000+ with the interior 512SSD! (Bernd Hofmann)”

Brandon Geekabit’s Blackmagic Speedtest says that the bottom mannequin M2 Mac Mini 256GB mannequin runs at 1500-1600Gbps.  

It appears like just a few issues are being conflated right here, and it is a bit complicated, so I’ll attempt to share what I’ve discovered from this text, the 9to5 Mac article (which had precise benchmarks), some YouTube teardowns, skilled evaluations and user-reported benchmarks.

  • The M1 Professional 512GB computer systems had truly 4 128GB NAND chips, giving them about 4000 learn 5000 write efficiency (MB/s)
  • The M2 Professional 512GB computer systems have two 256 NAND chips, decreasing the efficiency to about 3000/3000 MB/s (NOT one 512GB chip as mistakenly reported on this article).  However that is nonetheless significantly better than the efficiency of the bottom stage 256GB M2 common machines.
  • M2 Professional Computer systems with 1TB or extra have 4 NAND chips, giving them even higher efficiency than M1 Professional, at 5000 learn and 6000 write

Relating to the M2 common computer systems, issues are a bit totally different.  The problem is having 1 chip slightly than 2 (vs 2 slightly than 4 on the professional fashions)

  • The M1 Mac mini 256GB had two NAND chips, with 2880 MB/s learn speeds and 2300 MB/s write speeds 
  • The M2 Mac mini 256GB has one NAND chip, with 1440 MB/s learn and write speeds
  • It isn’t but clear what the 512GB M2 mini is utilizing, however I count on it to make use of two nand chips, giving it round 2800 learn/write.  That is unconfirmed.

So, whereas the brand new M2 Professional computer systems with the bottom 512GB storage do have fewer NAND chips than their M1 Professional counterparts, they really have two slightly than 4.  Not one, as was mistakenly said within the article.  The one chip situation is true for the M2 common fashions nevertheless, so it is easy to get confused.

It isn’t but clear whether or not the 512GB M2 common mini has just one NAND chip slightly than two, however I believe it is unlikely that it might have just one.  I believe the writer was getting confused between the M2 regulars and M2 Professional fashions (the 512 M2 Professional is decreased, however not from 2 to 1, however slightly from 4 to 2).

The YouTuber MaxTech, who used to work for this website will probably be benchmarking all of the totally different configs as soon as they’ve all arrived.  However up to now he has solely posted in regards to the 256GB M2 Common mannequin.  The 9to5Mac article did benchmarks with the 512GB M2 Professional mannequin, and lots of reviewers posted outcomes with the 1TB or greater fashions.  What I’ve not but seen are any benchmarks of the 512GB M2 Common mannequin.  However I count on it to have comparable efficiency to the M2 512GB config within the MBA and 13″ Professional, which makes use of two NAND chips, not one just like the 256GB.

Lastly, it ought to be famous that there is usually a lot of variance in efficiency of SSDs, even among the many identical capability based mostly on manufacturing variances and in addition typically Apple has used totally different distributors for components for a similar SKUs.  For instance, I’ve seen the M1 Professional SSDs benchmark as excessive as 7000 learn and 5400 write, however the 9to5Mac writer was solely getting 4000 and 5000.

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