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Die shot reveals new PS5 mannequin strikes to a brand new 6nm ‘Oberon Plus’ chip

In a nutshell: For the reason that PlayStation 5’s launch, Sony has tried to mitigate its provide points with slight revisions to shave off grams of weight and manufacturing prices. A brand new die shot reveals the console has acquired its first die shrink, which ought to assist Sony cut back its power consumption and enhance its revenue margin.

An evaluation of the die throughout the PS5’s newest revision from Angstronomics reveals that it makes use of TSMC’s 6nm N6 EUV course of, transitioning from the launch console’s N7. The change within the PS5 mannequin CFI-1202 accompanies different alterations to the motherboard and cooling system.

The 6nm chip – codenamed Oberon Plus – has a 15 % smaller die than the unique Oberon. Transferring from about 300 sq. mm to 260 sq. mm ought to permit Sony to fabricate about 20 % extra chips on the similar price. The N6 chip additionally consumes much less power than the N7, presumably decreasing how a lot the console provides to power payments.

Final yr, the PS5’s first revision (CFI-1100) tried to economize by slimming down, which led to compromises within the cooling system, inflicting it to run a bit hotter than the launch mannequin. Earlier this month, mannequin CFI-1200 hit retail, and breakdowns confirmed that it lower lots of of grams off the launch console with a redesigned motherboard, a brand new heatsink, and a smaller cooler. The die shrink in 1202 also needs to lower energy consumption by about 10 %.

The present console technology has confronted unprecedented manufacturing challenges, primarily stemming from the pandemic’s results on provide chains and client demand. The PS5 stays considerably difficult to buy because it approaches its second birthday.

Final yr, Sony mentioned the disc drive-equipped PS5 mannequin had develop into worthwhile, however the digital-only model was nonetheless promoting at a loss. Nevertheless, Sony raised the value for all fashions final month in each area besides North America, doubtless attributable to manufacturing price will increase, one thing Microsoft and Nintendo have to this point prevented with their consoles. {Hardware} revisions like CFI-1202 could assist Sony preserve profitability and finally cross financial savings onto customers.

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