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Can Motherboard Bottleneck Your PC? [CPU & GPU]

If a {hardware} part of your PC is just not giving an upto-the-mark efficiency regardless of something improper with it, your motherboard is probably going behind it. Motherboards can bottleneck your PC parts, and it’s important so that you can study the way it works to save lots of your treasured parts. This information will assist whether or not a PC part of yours is being bottlenecked or not.

Key Takeaways

  • Motherboard bottleneck could be the rationale behind your CPU, GPU, or RAM missing efficiency.
  • Motherboard bottleneck can put your CPU in peril attributable to poor high quality VRM and heatsink.
  • Outdated motherboards don’t have suitable PCIe and DDR slots for the most recent high-end GPU and RAM.
  • Motherboard bottleneck can prohibit your PC from performing to its true potential.

Can The Motherboard Bottleneck CPU?

To study how a motherboard can bottleneck your PC, let’s check out the way it impacts particular person parts. Motherboards aren’t generally recognized for bottlenecking CPUs besides in some circumstances. A low cost motherboard can mess issues up should you haven’t been good along with your analysis or are on a particularly tight funds. 

Two methods an inexpensive motherboard can bottleneck your CPU are VRM or a poor-quality warmthsink. In case your CPU is upscale, the possibilities of the motherboard bottlenecking it’ll improve considerably. Chances are you’ll not discover it early, however as quickly as you run an software or do duties requiring extra CPU utilization, your CPU clock velocity will decrease itself as a result of the temperature will go too excessive. Additionally, be sure that to examine find out how to join RBG followers to a motherboard. 

CPU On Motherboard – Picture Credit [Tech4Gamers]

The temperature rise is linked to the poor high quality VRM and heatsink. The poor-quality VRM will be unable to offer the CPU with the required energy effectively sufficient, and the warmth sink will do a particularly poor job of radiating the warmth off the CPU.

Whereas this occurs, you’ll discover your PC lagging and doing work extraordinarily slowly. In such circumstances, your CPU will get overly heated. The overheating might trigger your CPU to crash mid-work and even trigger your complete system to finish up fried. 

How To Stop It

If you happen to prefer to overclock their CPU, then by no means go for a low cost motherboard. Low cost motherboards can barely deal with a resource-intensive CPU for some time, not to mention overclocking.

It might be finest should you had a high-end motherboard with a CPU that may perform the resource-intensive job. A high-end motherboard may have an excellent-quality VRM and heatsink.

That method, the motherboard will provide your CPU with the voltage it wants on duties of various workloads, and the warmth sink will be capable of radiate the warmth produced by the CPU way more effectively.

At all times go for a motherboard with good VRM and heatsink to your CPU, even should you don’t plan to overclock it. If you happen to purchased a prebuilt PC, be sure that to study find out how to test what motherboard you might have so you may see whether or not the one you might have compliments your construct or not. 

Can The Motherboard Bottleneck GPU?

In simple phrases, sure, a motherboard can bottleneck your GPU; we’ll let you understand how. Some older motherboards used to have built-in graphics playing cards, however you will want a devoted one for the remainder of them. A motherboard can bottleneck your GPU in a number of methods. Once more, when you have purchased a motherboard whereas protecting your funds tight and paired it with a high-end GPU, it’ll bottleneck your GPU.

Mid-range motherboards aren’t constructed to have the power or high quality adequate to assist a high-end GPU. One other method a motherboard can bottleneck your GPU is with the kind of PCIe slot to which you join your GPU. Completely different PCIe slots have completely different speeds of transferring knowledge.

Graphics Card
Graphics Card Sitting on a motherboard – Picture Credit [Tech4Gamers]

In case your GPU is designed to be related to a PCIe 3 slot, it’ll switch the info way more rapidly when related to it. If you happen to made the identical GPU connect with a PCIe 2 slot, it could switch that knowledge a lot slower.

An outdated motherboard will stop your GPU from unleashing its true potential as a result of it doesn’t have the required PCIe slots. You’ll have to face poor FPS, and your show will begin to crawl when taking part in video games, and also you’ll discover it freeze for a second or two. You may learn our information on how a motherboard can bottleneck a GPU to get extra data on this. 

How To Stop It

Firstly, everytime you purchase a motherboard, guarantee it’s suitable along with your GPU and has sufficient power to assist it. If you happen to prefer to overclock your GPU, then a low-end motherboard is just not even an possibility. Nevertheless, understand that overclocking can harm the GPU. 

The penalties that come together with a low-end motherboard will probably be a lot more durable to bear than a one-time expense on a high-end motherboard. You may find yourself dropping your parts.

Secondly, at all times make sure that your motherboard’s PCIe slots are what your GPU requires. You may solely attain your GPU’s true potential if it transfers the info as rapidly because it’s designed to switch at or extra.

In case your motherboard is up to speed, you’ll have a easy gaming expertise, and your GPU will probably be secure from any harm from the motherboard whether or not you resolve to overclock it. However should you do plan to exchange the GPU, then be sure that to study find out how to take away GPU from the motherboard. 

Can The Motherboard Bottleneck RAM?

The motherboard is not well-known for bottlenecking RAM efficiency. Though, it does come together with assist points. As soon as once more, an outdated motherboard can’t assist the RAM you simply purchased to your PC to run sooner. That isn’t how issues work.

Your previous motherboard is more likely to have DDR slots to which you can’t join your RAM. Like GPU PCIe slots, RAM must be related to a DDR slot to switch knowledge out and in. Sadly, RAM is in contrast to GPU; it can’t be related to a unique slot than the one it’s designed for. For instance, DDR4 RAM can’t sit in a DDR3 slot.

Patriot Viper RAM DDR4 – Picture Credit [Tech4Gamers]

One other method your motherboard might not assist your RAM is if you resolve to overclock it. A low-end motherboard VRM will be unable to provide adequate energy that may assist RAM overclocking.

How To Stop It

The one strategy to stop your motherboard from bottlenecking your RAM is to get a suitable part for both. Both choose a RAM suitable along with your motherboard or get a high-end one which helps your RAM even if you attempt to push it off limits.

The second possibility is the finest as a result of you may get the most effective out of your PC. Your working expertise will get higher and smoother. You’ll not have to attend for ages for one job to be carried out, and additionally, you will be capable of perform resource-intensive duties and video games with out having your PC crash.

The Value Of Motherboard Bottleneck To Your PC

Beneath is a abstract of what you can be restricted from in case your motherboard is a bottleneck to your PC {hardware} parts.

GIGABYTE Z690 Motherboard – Picture Credit [Tech4Gamers]

Saying Goodbye To Overclocking

In case your motherboard is bottlenecking your PC {hardware} parts like CPU, GPU, or RAM, you will be unable to overclock them. Your motherboard is already missing in getting the true potential out of them attributable to a lack of environment friendly energy provide and warmth radiation.

If you happen to resolve to overclock any of those parts, the VRM will be unable to assist them. Secondly, your motherboard can hardly bear the warmth from the CPU over a bit of workload; bearing the warmth brought on by overclocking will fry all of it.

Additionally learn: How To Overclock RAM? All the things To Know.

Not Being In a position To Improve Your PC

Excessive-end CPU, GPU, and RAM can by no means pair with an outdated or mid-range motherboard. The motherboard doesn’t present the assist to assist attain any of those parts to their true limits and even work with them in some circumstances. You’ll by no means be capable of get the expertise you need from these parts should you pair them with an incompatible motherboard.

Poor Efficiency

In case your motherboard is outdated or mid-range, its knowledge switch velocity and functionality will at all times be lesser than a high-end CPU, GPU, or RAM. The motherboard will give a poor efficiency, nonetheless. You’ll have to face a number of crashes.

Your PC will lag the second you’ll placed on some heavy workload, and it’ll freeze once in a while. Sadly, that’s what occurs when you might have a low-end motherboard.

PC Susceptible To Injury

The motherboard with poor VRM and heatsink will at all times have your PC prone to extreme harm. You may by no means belief a motherboard like that along with your {hardware} parts. The poor high quality VRM can destroy a part with its inadequate voltage provide. On the hand, the heatsink doing a poor job radiating the off can scale back the lifespan of your CPU and even kill it. Moreover, if you’re not cautious sufficient, you’ll even find yourself decreasing your motherboard’s lifespan. 


By now, this text should have helped you perceive how your motherboard can bottleneck your PC and the way it impacts the total efficiency. This can be very essential to have a motherboard that may assist your {hardware} parts and get the most effective out of them.

That’s precisely how one can get an pleasing expertise out of your PC. At all times make sure that your motherboard is excessivefinish as a result of it is sort of a hub for all the opposite parts of your PC. In case your motherboard fails to ship a good efficiency, the remainder of the parts will fail too. Earlier than leaving, be sure that to study find out how to clear a motherboard, as that may provide help to maintain issues operating easily. We even have an in depth information on find out how to activate PC motherboard with out utilizing the facility button. 


How will I do know that my motherboard is bottlenecking my PC?

In case you are certain that there isn’t a fault along with your CPU, GPU, and RAM, but they’re all not giving their finest performances, your motherboard could also be bottlenecking your PC.

Will the motherboard restrict the velocity of my RAM?

In case your motherboard helps a decrease velocity than the velocity of your RAM, then it’ll scale back the velocity of your RAM to restrict its assist.

Can a brand new construct have a motherboard bottleneck?

When you have purchased a pre-built PC, then all of its parts are suitable, so there’s hardly an opportunity of motherboard bottlenecking. Nevertheless, in case your PC is custom-built, your motherboard can bottleneck attributable to poor compatibility analysis earlier than shopping for parts.

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