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5 tips for buying your new motherboard

5 tips for buying your new motherboard


If you purchase a motherboard with built-in functions, you don’t have to worry about buying more expansion cards. A simple feature that is common to most motherboards is the onboard audio. However, this is generally only suitable for mid-range speakers. It’s worth noting that the best motherboards often include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities as well, but you’ll have to shell out more money for those features. However, the need for expansion cards is reduced.

Form factor (MicroATX ATX, Mini-ITX,):

The “Form factor” refers to the size and design of a specific desktop computer motherboard. To ensure that a particular card will fit in a PC case, you are supposed to know which standard card form factor the case can supports. The most important ones for PC manufacturers and upgrades are MicroATX, ATX and Mini-ITX. ATX is sometimes referred to as “standard ATX” & ATX cards (generally, but its not exclusively) are 9.6 “by 12” in size.

CPU Compatibility

The first step is to make sure that the CPU is compatible with the motherboard. Motherboards usually support AMD or Intel CPUs and only some models. To verify that the motherboard is compatible with the CPU, make sure that the CPU and motherboard have a similar processor interface.

RAM (Random Access Memory)

Next, RAM, short for random access memory. Basically, the motherboard you buy determines the amount and type of memory you can have. So this is something you need to consider before choosing a motherboard. Therefore, we recommend choosing a motherboard that can accommodate at least 16GB. However, if you don’t initially plan to buy that much, this storage can be used later.

CPU Socket

This is a square socket that fits the purchased processor chip. The processor-specific socket type (not just the manufacturer) must match the socket type used by the card. (In other words, not all Intel processor chips will work on all Intel cards … not far from that.) Also, not all processors with a certain socket type will work on all cards with that socket.